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    The StretchGym™ Studio is proudly made  by  FlexTek, LLC 1569 E. St. Gertrude Pl Santa Ana, CA 92705

    For inquiries, please   |     Customer Service  (714) 497-FLEX (3539)    

    Dimensions:    42″ tall (height of a ballet barre), 22″ wide, and 72″ long.  The current model weighs about 69 lbs. and folds down to less than 15″ high. Free shipping to the lower 48 States. We also ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, shipping price varies depending on your location.

    We are proud to introduce the latest update to the StretchGym™ Studio. This updated version breaks down into smaller pieces for ease of shipping and storage. And for a limited time we are happy to offer free shipping to the Lower 48 States on the new and improved StretchGym™ Studio. Use coupon code FREESHIP to activate your free shipping on a StretchGym™ Studio product.  The new and improved StretchGym™ Studio can now be shipped to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, buyer pays actual shipping from UPS. Click to Order here

    PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DUE TO HOLIDAY AND NEW YEAR DEMAND, there is currently a 3-4 week delay before your order ships. We apologize for this inconvenience, but the time is necessary to ensure that we only deliver high quality products to our customers. Please contact us for more information.

    Can We Ship International?
    The StretchGym™ is now available for sale to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Free shipping applies to the lower 48 States only.

    Can we pick up in Southern California?
    Yes – Just call us and we will arrange for your pickup.

    Who is the StretchGym™ designed for?
    Entry-level dancers, gymnasts, and others who are starting to learn the splits, the straddle, or backbends will find the StretchGym beneficial for accelerating the learning process.  More advanced stretchers who want to over-stretch to develop maximum range of motion will find the StretchGymto be the ideal equipment for reaching their goals quickly and safely.  We are also working with physical therapists, chiropractors, and others to determine if and how the StretchGym can help ‘normal’ people with their specific stretching goals.

    Why did we develop the StretchGym™?
    The initial objectives were to construct a solid, stable structure for performing controlled oversplits, backbends, and straddles.  A secondary objective was to support resistive stretching exercises, such as supine leg extensions.  We discovered that with the StretchGym, resistive exercises can be performed by the stretcher, without the help of a partner.

    What comes with a StretchGym™?
    The StretchGym™ package includes a training DVD, one foam support, an exercise chart, a wall poster, and instructions for assembly. The training DVD was developed by Stacey Nemour, famous martial artist and flexibility expert, and includes many exercises specially designed to prepare for splits, straddles, and oversplits.  In addition, you may access the dozens of additional exercises from this website, which will be ready shortly.

     Recent  Comment:
    “I use the StretchGym™ regularly to maintain and increase my flexibility. I love it! It’s a brilliant product and there’s nothing like it on the market. I am a professional martial artist/ flexibility expert. It’s also great for bar work my kicks. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to increase flexibility and develop stand up core stretch flexibility to increase range of motion in any sport.”— Stacy Nemour